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Dolomitie Powder


Dolomitic limestone is a type of limestone that contains dolomite, a crystalline mineral that contains calcium magnesium carbonate. When processed into dolomitic lime, this mineral becomes a white or gray to pink powder that is used in agriculture,gardening and lawn care to reduce the acidity of soil.

Dolomite rock (also dolostone) is composed predominantly of the mineral dolomite. Limestone that is partially replaced by dolomite is referred to as dolomite limestome.Dolomite appears in many places and geological formations.Dolomitic limestone is formed when dolomite precipitates into limestone formations and partially replaces the limestone.


Dolomitic lime can cause eye, skin, respiratory and gastrointestinal irritation. It contains small amounts of crystalline quartz silica, so it has been classified as a carcinogen and in some forms and applications may cause silicosis. If brought into contact with strong acids, dolomite lime can react violently. The product should be used in a well-ventilated area with a dust mask and eye protection. Skin and eyes should be washed thoroughly after contact with any lime product.