Sodium Aluminium Fluoride (Mafrolite)


Sodium Aluminum Fluoride, are stored in a ventilated dry place. These are available at industry leading prices to our clients.

Physical properties?

The appearance of Aluminium Fluoride is white or big Six sides crystals. The density is 3.00g/cm­3.It’s melting point is 1040?, boiling point is 1272?. Slightly solute in cold water, solute in hot water. When heated to 300-400?, the aluminium fluoride can be decomposed partly into hydrogen fluoride and alumina by water vapor.


is mainly used to adjust the molecular ratio in aluminium electrobath, lower the smelting point of media and increase the conductivity of electrolyte. It is also used as the inhibitor in alcoholic fermen tation, the flux of vitreous enamel around the ceramics and the flux of the non-iron metal etc.


In 50kg or 25kg PP bags, Lined with high-pressure plastic film, or according to contract’s requirements.