sodium dischromate


Sodium dichromate is the chemical compound with the formula Na2Cr2O7. Virtually all chromium ore is processed via conversion to sodium dichromate. In this way, many millions of kilograms of sodium dichromate are produced annually. In terms of reactivity and appearance, sodium dichromate and potassium dichromate are very similar. The sodium salt is, however, around twenty times more soluble in water than the potassium salt and its eqivalent weight is also lower, which is often desirable.





1.  Physical state


The Material is in the form of Crystals free from foreign matter & Visible impurities.

2.Free moisture  and combined water

13.00% Max.


3.Purity as Na2Cr207 

(On dry basis)


98% Min.







Free moisture with combined water                             

13.00% Max                                 

Purity as Na2Cr2O7

99.00% Min

Sodium Chloride      

0.3% Max

Sodium Sulphate

0.65% Max

pH of 10% Solution

3.7 – 4.5